I hope what I write below makes sense to you the reader. I am sure it is a message from Spirit but in case this doesn’t make sense or if the message seems wrong to you, blame me the messenger.

Raising Your Vibration

It’s not uncommon in spirituality to borrow terms from science to express things we might not have other good ways of expressing. Dimensions, frequencies, vibrations, energy, and many more. Recently I was reading a web site that was talking about all the turmoil in the world right now and trying to equate that with the turmoil in humans. The theory went that our inner turmoil is causing the climate change here on Mother Earth, and that we needed to raise our vibrations to a higher realm in order to go beyond these problems.

But What If That’s The Wrong Way

Up and down are words that like good and bad come loaded with a lot of baggage. Many people associate them the same way as well, with down always being bad. But is that so?

Many of the places and gurus who will tell you we need to vibrate at a higher frequency seem to have been caught up in this same mindset. Up is better, right? If we vibrate at the right frequency we can ascend from these material problems, and this material world.

This avoids a fundamental problem: that we as Spirits have incarnated in this material plane for a reason, and at its core allows us to attempt to ignore our human responsibilities on this planet. It is in essence absolutely no different than a fundamentalist mentality that with enough prayer we will be raptured up to Heaven so it doesn’t matter what sort of Earth we are leaving. By focusing on the Up, we are creating some very real problems.

What’s the Frequency

If we are to keep using the terms of physics, we can take a closer look at some of the other terms as well, in particular frequency. The defining feature of any vibration is the frequency, the space between the waves of oscillation. Frequency as well is defined as high or low, but that is just simply a measure of the space between the waves over a given set of time. It has no inherent value of good or bad. The ideal frequency depends completely on the situation, as any of us who have tried to tune in a radio can attest to. If we use light as an example the color with the shortest frequency (red) and the longest (violet or blue) both have advantages but to us as humans we are best able to detect green light during the day, and yellow light at night, both considerably in the middle. The three worlds way of visualizing the spiritual universe is very flawed and far from culturally universal, but as an analogy this too is showing us that we live and breathe in the middle.

From The Stars to Mother Earth

Even the very place we live, Mother Earth, Pachamama, reflects this. We sit below the stars, vast engines of light and power which have over time created every other element in the universe. Beneath our feet is the Mother, and at her core a swirling and spinning mass of molten iron forged in the stars. She literally has lowered her vibration so we might exist. There is a lesson in that for us.

An editorial in Scientific American by Tam Hunt talks about how in some scientific circles they are linking consciousness to frequency, a concept called panpsychism.

As Tam explains “The panpsychist argues that consciousness (subjectivity) did not emerge; rather, it’s always associated with matter, and vice versa (they are two sides of the same coin), but mind as associated with most of the matter in our universe is generally very simple. An electron or an atom, for example, enjoy just a tiny amount of consciousness. But as matter “complexifies,” so mind complexifies, and vice versa.”

This is a scientific attempt to quantify what we all know as the spiritual concept of animism. Everything is alive. What panpsychism has not discovered yet is that a mountain is not just a collection of aggregates with very little consciousness, but a large and complex consciousness of its own. But I’m confident they will get there eventually.

Another principle of physics is that vibrating things in proximity to each other will eventually come to vibrate in similar ways.

Yanantin and Animism

All of this is a very long way of me trying to explain the Inca concept of yanantin, which is the message that Spirit was trying to convey. Yanantin is the relationship between dissimilar energies. Phrased another way it is the belief that what might be considered oppositional or conflicting energies are in fact complimentary. One could not exist without the other, and in fact one makes the other stronger and more refined. Left and right, or in the case of this writing, up and down.

Spirit wanted me to tell you about all this because yanantin is important if we are to survive in a balanced way on this our Mother. There is a truth to the fact that our inner turmoil is causing climate change and a whole host of other issues, but it is not because of some mystic equation. It is because our inner turmoil has caused us to disconnect from the world around us. This disconnect persuades us to take false and destructive actions and lessons our feeling or responsibility. But just as Mother Earth lowered her vibration for us to live, we must at times lower our vibration in order to better communicate with the very world around us. Once we have done that, we will be open to the life in each and every thing and treat it as a brother or a sister. This will allow us to connect more to this the so called middle world, and restore our balance both internally and externally.

Remember this as you ground and center, your consciousness reaching both above to the stars and below to the Mother. Or as phrased elsewhere, as above so below.

Be at peace my friends.


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