Here is a little something I have been working on. 52 Prompts that you could use in your journal, or in your Discord Sanctuary Space. All at once or one a week, or anything else! If you are so inclined feel free to share your answers.

  1. What does “magical” feel like? What objects, times of day, settings, scents or garb make you feel magical?
  2. Who out of your friends do you admire and why? Who might be incongruous with your goals but you still value them? Who might you be holding onto out of habit?
  3. If you committed to doing something that makes you happy over the next week no matter what, how could you make it happen?
  4. What things would you like to do but you have social anxiety?
  5. What do you seek in your prayers and rituals?
  6. When you argue with someone in your head, who do you argue with? What do they say to you, and you to them?
  7. Do you have to feel productive to feel good about yourself?
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