Hello my friends, this is the week’s reading for my followers and Patreon supporters for the week of March 13, 2022.


This week the Four Directions spread with the Gentle tarot. Believe it or not looks like I have not done a four directions spread since December of last year! I woke up this morning thinking about bird feathers in this spring snow, hearing them move about, and of course when I came into the kitchen the bird feeder was very busy! My bag for the Gentle Tarot has a feather print on it, so it seemed quite appropriate.


The South is associated with Hatun Amaru, the great serpent, she who helps us with healing and transformation, and also with the physical world. For the South card I have drawn the Harvest of Thunder. This card with the mighty moose is the card of refined intellect. She reminds you to communicate clearly with logic and reason, and to seek out your higher ideals. And also to enjoy the small things, to help clear your troubled mind. Very appropriate as the great serpent is often thought of in these terms as well, logical, calculating even, yet still able to curl up after a good meal! This seems pretty clear too, let great serpent and mentor moose be your examples this week.


The West is associated with Otorongo, the jaguar, she who helps us with the past, and with setting healthy boundaries. For the West card I have drawn the Nine of Wands reversed. The Gentle tarot technically doesn’t have reversals but sometimes that is interesting additional information. In this case both the card and the direction have to do with boundaries. The Nine is about the lynx hiding in the wormwood. She knows it OK not to trust everyone, so she sets her boundaries by using her camouflage. The jaguar is also a cat associated with boundaries, but while stealthy is usually seen as a warrior. So what does this bring us? It seems to me that that reversal comes in handy here, as we might be hiding too much. Maybe avoiding something that needs to be confronted? That doesn’t mean it has to be a huge fight with someone, but perhaps that’s where serpents communication skills are needed. You can’t avoid some uncomfortable conversations forever.


The North is associated with Siwar Kinti, the hummingbird, she who is the messenger between the worlds, and also the artist who is attracted to bright colors and wonderful flowers, and with Huanacauri the Dragon, she who helps us be steadfast and do things step by step, the right way. For this card I have drawn the Seed of Cups. The Seed is a reminder of playfulness and exploration, new bonds and connections, and heart centered work. Once again a nice matchup with the direction and the beings there. But this one is reversed. Because of the playfulness of the card I don’t see the reversed as a bad thing, as the otter is being silly. But I think it could be pointing out that you are not expressing yourself well, and perhaps taking yourself too seriously. Even if we look at dragon who takes things step by step, she is still a powerful force of creation, and is quite the artist. Or perhaps you are the hummingbird, and you are not taking yourself seriously enough? Combined with the other cards so far, be clear of mind, speak your mind, and then use some playfulness to help the medicine go down.


The East is associated with Kuntor, the condor, she who helps us to have long range vision, to see the future, seeing things from a loving but detached perspective. For the East card I have drawn the Four of Cups. Such a fitting card to end on, because the Four is a reminder that sometimes when things are bad, we withdraw. And that’s natural, but we cannot withdraw forever. What is the balance between reflection and preservation, and self absorption? Very appropriate both being across the spread from jaguar, and being in the direction of condor with her long range vision. Have you withdrawn too long? Are you missing the future because of the pain of the past or present?


Or perhaps, given the other cards, that put off conversation, the one you will need clarity of mind for, the one you can’t hide forever from, the one that will need just the right balance of determination and playfulness….is a conversation you need to have with you.


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