Hello my friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of May 1st, 2022.


This is a reading for Beltane as well as the week ahead. And hold on because it looks like it’s a bit of a doozy. We are using the Rachel True, True Heart Intuitive Tarot.


The first card is The Overall Energy Of The Week and for that we have The 10 of Discs. The 10 of disks is one of victory and accomplishment. Of helping to bring forth something greater than yourself, especially helping future generations. Which is a really nice place to begin with an overall energy for the week.


Next we have What’s Going To Challenge Us This Week which is the Ace of Wands reversed. The ace of any suit is its perfect representation. Fitting that on Beltane we should have the Ace of wands which is our fire card. However it’s reversed. So what challenges are we going to be faced with this week? Well just ego, jealousy, fear, anger, you know nothing big. Now whether these forces are things external to us, or if they are forces that are from within us, we might get more insight from the next cards.


Next, What Should We Aspire To, which is the Tower reversed. Well I guess one of the most feared cards in the tarot sort of gives us a clue. The tower reversed is about chaos and uncontrollable situations. About bad foundations. So there are a couple ways that we can look at this. One is that if we don’t take the time to clear out what’s not working in our lives the universe will do it for us. The other is that sometimes situations are just beyond our control, so we have to look at our foundational practices for stability, and make the choice on how we respond. A new tower will be built, our attitudes and honesty with ourselves will help determine the quality of the tower.


What We Should Do For Our Community is the 5 of Swords (reversed). Here the picture becomes more clear because the five of swords, another unpopular card reversed, is about bitterness, pettiness, cruelty, and aggravation. I think in this position it’s clear that the tower that’s crumbling is something to do with relationships or community. And that there’s going to be a lot of anger and frustration over it. This doesn’t mean that you need to participate in this anger. Knowing that your community is going to go through this helps you to navigate.


The final card is the Message From Our Spirit Allies, which is the Judgment (reversed). Once again a couple different ways of looking at this. Now judgment reversed could easily be talking about making bad choices. So your spirit allies could be forewarning you to use caution in your decisions. Another way of seeing this is that a reversed card is a withholding of those energies. So your spirit allies could be telling you to withhold judgment.


I think that some mixture of those points of view seems to be helpful especially given the other cards that are going on here. Make sure you’re using good and sound judgment within these situations. Given the energy of the week it’s obvious that we’re trying to put together something that’s a little bit more long-term and might not even specifically be for our benefit. In the course of this using good judgment we must caution ourselves not to be judgmental. What’s the difference you might be asking? The difference is one is as objectively as we possibly can considering all the situations that are going on with other people and their lives making the best decisions we can. The other is letting our preconceived biases and notions which might be what the tower is reflecting cause us to judge others based on old ways of thinking that might not even fit anymore. Judgmental is being held hostage to your biases and prejudices. Judgment is looking at situations with wisdom, judgmental is looking at them through the lens of anger or hate. This week no matter what happens to you or in the situations around you try to use wisdom and remember that you’re trying to build things for the future.


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