Hello my friends, this is the week’s reading for my followers and Patreon supporters for the week of June 6th, 2021.

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We have quite the week ahead, with an eclipse happening on Thursday. Combined with Gemini energy, and a Mercury retrograde, there is a lot going on in the realms above. I have done a 3 card Eclipse spread, with 1 card placed, then two other cards covering it. I then opened the two cards to reveal the card beneath. For this spread I used the True Heart Intuitive Tarot.

The two outer cards are the 8 of Discs and the 10 of Discs reversed. The 8 says that hard work is about to pay off BIG, and encourages one to dive into the craft and practice.The 10 however is about that dream lost. Something failed, you were defeated, you are feeling stagnated.

That’s quite a combination, and they seem to be the opposite of each other, so let’s see what they are eclipsing. The 8 of Cups. Change, endings, new journeys. The weight of what has been holding you down is lifting and new events are ahead.

So, what can we gather out of this simple three card spread? I think the energy in the air, and the coming eclipse will be showing us this week what we need to move away from and what doors need to close. The dark surrounded by the ring of fire, combined with that retrograde making us look at the messages we receive and where they falter and where we are wasting our time.

The 8 of Discs is telling you that the work you have put in is it’s own reward, and it will pay off, but the 10 seems to me to be saying not in the way you think. How else could you apply your hard won skills in a way you might not have expected? Or perhaps even that the ambitions you had in mind might not pan out this week, but that you are more than capable of finding a brand new path. Focus on new opportunities that will allow your hard work to shine. At the very least know when to walk away from situations where your knowledge or skills are not appreciated.


Magical Work

Take a small piece of paper, and write one cycle you would like to change. It doesn’t have to be “getting rid” of something, but more of a different path. Say you are feeling frustrated that people are not hearing your music after you spent all winter practicing, so you would like to find some new ways for people to hear you play. Write that out, fold it tight, and place it on a mirror that the sun will touch the day of the eclipse. (the eclipse might not be visible where you are, but the energy is there). The mirror doesn’t need to be big, it could be a small makeup mirror, or without that perhaps a shiny piece of foil. After the eclipse put the folded paper near wear you work or practice for a few days while you work on creating the change you are seeking.

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