Q’ero Fire Ceremony

A powerful ritual of transformation and change as passed down from the indigenous people of Peru. The Fire Ceremony is a very core ceremony to the Q’ero,  a fire that facilitates change and transformation, and is often done in conjunction with other ceremonies as we will see later. The intent is that we make an offering to the fire, the reflection of Inti’s energy, that the serpent Hatun Amaru takes this burning offering to Pachamama, and she transforms it, giving back to us as something we need. Anything you need to release, job, health, money, love, anger, can be given to the fire. In the case of using it to solidify rituals or initiations, we are letting go of our perceptions and preconceptions of the ritual or ceremony, and allowing it to come back to us as what we really need to experience or understand.

There are two parts to this offer. First I will send you a video with detailed instructions on how to prepare yourself and a very special stick with your own small ritual. You will then mail the stick to me, and I will burn it in a sacred fire, and you will then receive a video of that fire. I have done this ceremony at huge events for hundreds with amazing results, and now you can participate too!


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The Fire Ceremony At Your Home Or Event

If you are in Michigan, northern Indiana or Ohio, I am also available to do the Fire Ceremony in person, for an individual, group or gathering.


  • For individuals or groups up to ten
  • I will bring all needed supplies, teach you about the history of the Q’ero and the ceremony, how to participate, and then perform the ceremony
  • Please contact me about larger groups and gatherings


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Your opportunity to have a cleansing done to rid you of heavy or toxic energies, and unhealthy connections to others. People have reported feeling lighter and happier after a cleansing.


  • For individuals, homes or businesses
  • I will bring all needed supplies
  • Home cleansings can include help sorting and tidying
  • Rates will vary depending on number of people and/or size of house or business. Contact us for more information
  • Available in Michigan, northern Indiana or Ohio areas


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