Can you drop me a line? Some things happening lately in the spirit/energy world and I  just need to talk them out with someone who maybe won’t think I’m crazy!    

I often get messages like that one. 

When we are growing on our path, sometimes we get to a point where we are not sure exactly what to do next. Have you ever said any of the following?

  • I have friends or family, but they don’t have the same spiritual beliefs as me
  • There are people I know, but I’m not sure they know enough to help
  • I just don’t want everyone to know what’s going on with my beliefs and where I am stuck
  • People are not able to really listen to my issue
  • I am doing great in therapy, but my therapist would not understand some of my unconventional beliefs
  • I’m struggling integrating spirituality with the mundane


If so I am ready to help!


integrated, Intuitive, Spiritual Coaching


Spirituality is about understanding and exploring your higher purpose, your interconnectedness to all of creation, and living authentically. Spirituality and mindfulness are not a part of your life, they infuse all aspects.


There are no cookie cutter solutions. No numbered lists. The answers must make sense to you on an intuitive level. I trust my experience, my guides and yours to help us find the ideal path for you.

Spiritual Coaching

I ask questions, give suggestions, sprinkle in some jokes and humor, and then help develop ways of marking progress and providing accountability. You don’t have to believe the same way I, or anyone else, does. The coaching is centered around your needs and beliefs.


Jim Two Snakes

Jim is an initiate of the shamanic traditions of the Qero, the descendants of the Inca, who live in one of the most remote places in the Peruvian Andes. He resides in Michigan where he studies and practices how these ancient mountain traditions reflect on the deep cold waters of the Great Lakes.

Jim has taught workshops and performed rituals at large conferences, and has advanced several apprentices to mastery, and shared the stage with prominent Spiritual experts and authors. While not Indigenous, Jim is a facilitator in the Native American Church of Turtle Island.


Jim Two Snakes, Spiritual Life Coach

How it works


The various levels of my Patreon are designed to help you. The very basic level gives you a safe community on Discord where we have channels for Uplifting Memes and Photos, Venting, and Advice Welcome. Higher levels receive voice or video calls from me, plus a monthly tarot reading to look for messages from Spirit. And EVERY level receives access to the monthly Talking Stick group chat, and the Week Ahead Tarot Spread.

My Patreon is the most popular option for my clients.



Breakthrough Sessions

One time consultation packages are also available. These breakthrough sessions can take place over Zoom, Google Chat, Discord or phone, or you can email me with details and get a video response that you can keep and refer back to. You can also get a breakthrough session combined with a tarot reading for extra insight.

Scheduling and payment for these sessions is handled through my partnership with Snipfeed



Tarot Readings & Ceremonies

Tarot readings from full spreads to mini readings, results sent to you via video  with your choice of layout and decks. 

If you are in need of a transformative ritual to help you get unstuck, I can perform a Q’ero (Peruvian) Fire Ceremony on your behalf and teach you some ritual basics along the way.



Customer Testimonials


“I have had the pleasure of working with this man for over 5 years, and through some of the steepest parts of my path of growth, and I cannot recommend him more strongly.”


“A person of great integrity. I believe that to be of utmost importance in a practitioner of any healing work. I trust him. Simply.”


“His reading was accurate and insightful. He provided me perspective that I hadn’t considered on the matter, and really simplified what felt like a very BIG issue in my head. I left the reading feeling more certain of the direction I am going in but also with more questions to ponder. This is a good thing.”


“I’ve known Jim for several years and consider him one of my mentors. His services are excellent and at times life altering. He has inspired me and helped with my spiritual growth.”

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