I have decided today is a good day to post about upcoming changes to my Patreon https://www.patreon.com/spiritualdad.
Beginning in May I have decided to replace the Talking Stick chat with Community Prayer Requests. These requests will still be open to all Patreon supporters of all levels. You will be able to message me via Patreon, FaceBook, Discord or email and I will make the request to the community in the form of an audio file to Patreon members only. The fulfillment of these requests will include my own prayer, so if you as a listener do not have the energy or think it would be inappropriate to add a prayer yourself you can listen to my prayer as a way of holding space.
In addition, the Community Prayer Requests will be completely anonymous, protecting your privacy, but allowing you to share more vulnerable thoughts and requests. When I make the audio for the request it will take the form of “We have a member who is in need of prayers for…” or “We have a member who is struggling with _____ and needs supportive prayers.” I will even include some level of instruction as you request such as “prayers for healing are not requested, but prayers of dealing with the financial implications are welcome.” There will be no limit on the number of these requests, so you might find I send several one week, then none the next depending on what is requested.
When I made this decision I drew a card from the Witches Wisdom tarot, and the Healing card seem to be quite appropriate.
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