One of the most popular questions I get as a spiritual advisor is…

“What do I do next? I feel like nothing I am doing is working.

Nothing is getting better. I just feel stuck…”

“Working with Jim has been a great experience for me. I know if I get stuck I have someone to help me regroup.”


Don’t you deserve to live the best version of your life?

You might have tried mindfulness, journaling, meditation – These items are indeed useful and convenient, I use them myself, but there is something else you’re searching for. Something deeper than what you have right now.

Whether you are unsure about your current direction in life or you are ready for a complete spiritual alignment, Tarot can help. Tarot has the power to help you seek clarity and create spiritual awareness so that your next steps forward become clear.

Don’t you deserve to live the best version of your life?

Normally my Tarot readings are $35 … However, I am launching a special discount for you at $15.  I have been a spiritual advisor for almost 15 years now and have done Tarot readings for hundreds of people–young adults, housewives, workaholics, pagans, and even a notable politician. After your reading, you will have a clearer direction where you will have actionable steps and so much more.

If you are ready for a Tarot Reading, click the link to get your discounted reading now!


What You Will Recieve

You will be emailed a video of your unique tarot card reading of 4 cards. In addition I will draw 5 additional cards which you will get along with all the other benefits should you decide to join My Patreon for one-on-one mentoring.


  1. Card One: Where You Are Right Now
  2. Card Two: What Is Blocking You
  3. Card Three: What to Let Go Of
  4. Card Four: What to Work Towards
  5. Card Five: Your Higher Self – Patreon Exclusive
  6. Card Six: Ancestral Guidance – Patreon Exclusive
  7. Card Seven: Deity Guidance – Patreon Exclusive
  8. Card Eight: Your Fears – Patreon Exclusive
  9. Card Nine: The Underworld – Patreon Exclusive

You are under no obligation to join the Patreon, but I will add you to my email list so you can receive future offers!


How To Order

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If in the future decide to sign up for My Patreon to get your bonus cards, make sure the email you entered is the same as you use for your Patreon subscription! That’s it! 



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