Ever want to bring some prosperity into your life?


I know a few years back I sure did. We needed a loan badly to secure the mortgage on the farmhouse that had been in the family generations and the time was ticking away. I started looking at some of the various money draw spells and rituals, but none of them felt exactly right. I had done some of them before with mixed results, which meant either I had not done them correctly, or there was some other reason.

I started digging into myself and there was a lot of fear around getting this done. Worry I would not be able to get it done in time, worry that I didn’t have a down payment, the near panic that people I didn’t know were going to be looking at records and documents. Worse than that, my credit score was, for all effects, non-existent. Having declared bankruptcy many years before, since then I had used only cash and scraped by. When I really started to excavate those fears I realized I had a horrible concept of money, not only disliking it, but deep seated beliefs that I was not worthy of having it even if I wanted it. So I had to address not only the lack of money, but the root causes of that lack.

The approach I took was rather chaotic. I am sharing it with you knowing it will not be the solution for everyone, but as an example of how I constructed the process. You will of course be able to change and modify as it suits you, and the particular issues you face.


The First Component – The Tools


  • A suitably appealing glass. I got mine at the dollar store
  • A gold paint marker
  • Milk
  • Tea light candles, also from the dollar store

Not much to build a house worth of prosperity is it? But the tools do not make the ritual. I had selected gold because of the connection of gold to wealth. After some thought I had decided to focus on Rune work for this process, specifically Fehu. Why the Runes? Simply put they are much older than I am, and have been used in powerful magic for a very long time. If I was going to overcome my fears, I wanted to leverage as much as I could to my advantage. Plus, my family on both sides had once had cattle. Cattle are a sign of prosperity, so I was hoping Fehu could also level up the Ancestral energy . Using the gold marker I placed a large Fehu on the glass. I was using a water goblet, so on the base of the glass I wrote in Rune letters the names Freyr and Freyja. I have always liked both, though I didn’t at the time have any cultus to them. But it seemed necessary to acknowledge the Gods who are so connected to summer, prosperity, and even the Rune Fehu. With that the tools were ready.


The Second Component – The Ritual


Every morning I would arise early to do this ritual. It had just a few steps.

  • At my kitchen table, I lit the candle and prayed to Freyr, Freyja and the Rune Fehu for help with my work. Could I have used an altar? Certainly, this was just a simple place to do this work. My altar at the time was in the bedroom, and my wife was sleeping. Magic must be adaptable
  • I filled the glass with milk. The reasoning here was simple: milk=cow=cattle=Fehu=wealth. Now had I been allergic to milk I might have had to change this part. All the cows I have known like oats, so I likely would have gone with oat milk
  • Since the main issue I was facing in some ways was fear, I needed to release this fear in order for anything to work properly. This was one of the reasons I chose early morning for the ritual, as a day of worries was not yet filling my head. Next I used Qi Going to clear the fear and anxiety. This might seem like an odd pairing with a Rune ritual, but it was effective and prepared my lungs for what I would be doing next. This is the specific video and technique I used, by the very calming Jeffrey Chand. Until I was practiced at it, I had no qualms about having my phone right at the table with me and playing the video
  • With the anxiety cleared and my energy flowing, I then would sit at the table, grasp the goblet, and while gently rocking back and forth, chant Fehu over and over. The depth of the altered states that resulted would vary. Some days I would deeply journey, feeling the energy of Fehu, and getting glimpses of myself and my relationship to money. Some days I might focus on visualizing what it would be like to be signing the mortgage paperwork and deed. Other days, if I am honest, it was an effort to manage to chant Fehu for ten minutes without giving in
  • Lastly, with the chanting done, with the milk as empowered with Fehu and prosperity as I could make it, I would take the goblet outside. Three libations of milk followed, one for Freyr, one for Freyja and one for Fehu, but always I left some milk in the glass for the last step
  • That last step was drinking the remaining milk. I had to be WORTHY of the prosperity I was asking for. I had to make it part of me. I had to be willing to drink of the cup of wealth, and the only way to do that was to drink some of the milk myself


The Third Component – Consistency


You may have noticed that above I said “some days” which would imply more than one, and this is true. This ritual was conducted by me without missing a day for 30 days. Now I know that this might be against some of the people who say “fire and forget” about spell work, but this was about a deeper transformation. I had to dedicate the time not only to show the Gods that I was worthy and persistent, but to show that to myself. It takes effort to manifest lasting change. You can bet some mornings I had a hard time focusing, and that some days I just didn’t want to. But consistency proved to me my own desire, and sharpened my willpower.


The Fourth Component – Expanding The Kingdom


I debated calling this forth component “follow up” but that was just too mundane. Now there is something to be understood about cattle as it relates to prosperity, and this is something that was shown to me in one of the meditations that I didn’t fully understand when beginning. Another benefit of doing this ritual over time is that your own insights will add to the layers of ritual you are creating. The thing that I didn’t understand was that a cow does not make one wealthy. Yes a farm with a cow is better than a farm with none, but you will only have enough milk for a few people. Likewise if you hide the cow away out of fear or jealousy eventually that cow will die, and without other cattle no calves will be made, so you will have no cows at all. You can get more cattle, and you will be better off, but if you truly want to be prosperous, you need to have enough cattle to have others working with or for you. A jarl would have cattle enough where he needed herdsmen, and then his wealth would even provide for them and their families. Wealth does not grow unless the cattle are moving.


To enact this is my life, as I spent money I would make sure that I recognized I was sending wealth out, to help others so it could then return to me. Thus even buying a candy bar at the gas station became a magical act. The wealth, the Fehu energy I had worked for, I was releasing in trade, so that the person receiving the money had a job, and the people making the candy bar had a job, and money moved. During this phase, while still making sure I didn’t overspend, I bought more from Etsy stores and gave to more GoFundMe’s and charities than I ever had before. They might have been small donations and purchases, but this step was instrumental in changing my fears about money and its use. Some people might abuse money, but that didn’t mean that I would.


The Fifth Component – Gamifying


To overcome the last of any mental or emotional resistance, I had to find a way to make the process more fun and less threatening. I had to make it a challenge I could overcome with practice. I had to gamify my goal. Since metric that seemed the most important after talking to a loan officer was my credit score, I set that as the game I was going to play. Using a free credit app on my phone, I carefully watched my credit score, following the recommendations and making decisions based on the “game”. If I get a store credit card, my credit score will dip, but then I will make a payment that is just a few dollars extra and it will come back higher than before with a net gain of 10 points! If I allow my app to monitor my savings account I will gain 5 points! By making a game out of what was a terrifying task, I took away its power over me.


The Results


Now, we all know how this goes. Your experience and outcomes will vary. This is magical and ritual work, not a guarantee. I did the ritual 30 days, and it took longer for all the results to manifest, but manifest they did! In my case I expanded my credit score fast enough that I easily got the loan, bypassed the need for a down payment, and secured the family farmhouse. Expand on what I have done, change it, use a variation of it to work on relationships, or your GPA. For other goals besides money you might find the app called Habitica is helpful. This is the Sixth Component – I Pass The Prosperity To You