Just a quick story that I shared with a few people over the weekend, that I thought more of you would enjoy.

I’m an adult, nearing 50 years old, but that doesn’t always translate well into the tasks being an adult requires. Adulting can be terrible, and last week one day in particular was very challenging.

In case by some luck you were someplace nice, for us last week was HOT. And when the job you have to do involves moving things on top of customer service, customers who are also hot and grouchy, it can be a lot. And I was feeling it. My shirt was dripping with sweat, my hands ached from a combination of heat, humidity and effort. I tried as usual to maintain a good attitude but it was slipping in a way which was making the minutes crawl by.

But there came a point where I had enough. So I stopped to have a quick conversation with myself.

“Ok,” I said “we just have an hour and a half to go”

“But I don’t want to, this sucks!”

“Yes it does, but I’m not making it any easier on myself by being angry about it”

“We could leave early”

“We could, but we need the money”

“We could take it out on that jerk who is not working as hard as we are”

“That certainly would not be kind or fair. How about this? If we get through just an hour and a half, we will clock out of here, go down to the gas station, and get tasty cold slushie”

“A slushie sounds really good”

“But, here is the deal. We have to have a better attitude for this hour and a half, or it is just going to seem longer than it even is”

Yeah, we are adults, and we have the things that we must do, but we also have to realize we are never that far removed from the younger self which just wants to have a treat. That treat could vary, it might be time with a friend, it might be a snuggle with the dog, it could even be as simple as a gold star on your to do list.

The Wisdom of the Slushie is to set appropriate rewards for appropriate goals and even micro goals, and let them drive you instead of letting that bad attitude get the better of you.

So what’s your favorite flavor?