The Archbishop Desmond Tutu sits on the stage as his dear friend the Dalai Lama comes up behind and playfully acts as if he is choking him. Both friends laugh as the Archbishop exclaims “The cameras are on! Act like a Holy Man!”

I adore this exchange because it shows love and friendship, but it also shows something else. Act like a Holy Man. But could anyone argue these men are not Holy already? Holiness is a state of being not diminished by playfulness, silliness, or not being that perfect person in the eyes of the viewer (including ourselves). Even when you are in line for a coffee, stuck in traffic, or doing any number of things you are still a Holy Being. I tell you this not so you can put on airs and become arrogant, but because you need to remember that your special connection to the Divine permeates your entire life. Never let your self doubt or self consciousness take that memory from you. You are just as much a Spiritual being even when nobody’s watching.