Hello my friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of February 13th, 2022.


I was feeling like it was time for something a bit more in depth, so we are doing the lighthouse spread using the True Heart tarot.


Where We Sit is the Princess of Discs (reversed). This could be doing too much, but it can also be a dodging of responsibilities. Either way, watch your budget because spending money on distractions is not helping. Nor is spending money to avoid things, you know the old “I’ll start walking for my health as soon as I get these new shoes” story.


What We Are Leaving Behind is the Star. An interesting card because does this mean you are leaving behind hope and optimism? There are two ways I could see this card depending on what other cards come into play. The first is that you are leaving familiar waters for something new. The Star can come up as a card signifying a transition point. The other is that you might be turning your eyes away from wishing on the stars. 


Where We Are Going is the King of Cups (reversed). This might be the answer to the Star, because the King reversed says we are heading towards loneliness, depression, and sorrow. Given this context, it might be not that the Star was a transition point, but that we are forgetting to keep our eyes on our guiding stars.


The Left Oar (the subconscious) is the Fool. The Fool can be such a lucky card, as long as you are willing to follow your instincts, and not be burdened with material things, or with thinking you know everything. You might have to be willing to fall to have fun climbing the tree. Or maybe there is something stirring deep in you that you are unaware of yet.


The Right Oar (the thinking mind) is the 3 of Cups (reversed). Overindulgence, aloofness, and jealousy. An interesting contrast to the Left Oar who is telling you to set your ego aside. Hard to do that when the brain is churning out thoughts that nobody likes you, and that you are not good enough.


The Rocks (what we need to beware of), is the 4 of Swords (reversed). Once again, aloof, angry, anxiety and fearful energy. Hey brain, if you could stop rowing us in that direction, that would be great!


The Lighthouse (to guide us) is the Emperor (reversed). Fear, control issues, unmotivated and cruel. Seems like a strange thing to guide us doesn’t it? But the guidance a light house offers is to those sailing in the dark, to say “here are the rocks” and what big rocks they are!


While it seems like the cards are in attack mode, remember this is a reading for what we need to know about the week ahead, so while pretty blunt it does give us a lot to work with. Your brain might be giving you some really bad info, talking about jealousy, anxiety, and people not liking you. Chemically you might be susceptible to depression. These thoughts might lead you to want to overindulge in buying things, or eating a lot of junk food. It might make you angry, petty or defensive. Don’t lose sight of your guiding star. Who is it you want to be, what things bring stability to your life, what practices help you deal with emotions? What is really important to you, and who are you as a person? Don’t compare yourself, think about it in terms of how to honor and encourage those radiant parts of you. There is still time to turn this ship around.


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