Hello friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of April 10th, 2022.


I have been really enjoying the Pentacle Spread, so we are sticking with it, this week with a Gentle Tarot.


The first card is The Overall Energy Of The Week and for that we have The Devil. Old Scratch is back again! This isn’t a bad thing though, or a bad sign. We spent last week recovering a bit, so this week we are supposed to ask what is holding us down. Maybe that’s something big, or maybe it’s just a bunch of the annoying little stuff, but this week you might just feel like casting off some of those chains. Just be careful not to be tempted into things that are really not so good for you!


Next we have What’s Going To Challenge Us This Week which is the Seed of Stones. Oh how could little Bambi be a challenge! So sweet and cute with its hooves on the soil! The seed of stones says you are in harmony with the world around you, and you use what you have to get what you need. Oh-uh, suddenly I see how this could be a challenge! Because you DON’T always feel like you can use what you have to get what you need do you? Sometimes you don’t feel like a fresh foal, because you have knees that hurt, allergies or something else. Maybe along with that Devil card we are seeing that it’s not about using what you wish you had, and that you are limiting yourself? Something to think about.


Next, What Should We Aspire To, which is the Nine of Stones. Trust your abilities. The dedication and work was worth it. Trust your abilities! Not much more I can add to that! 


What We Should Do For Our Community is the Nine of Thunder. Another nine! Sometimes the head and the heart clash, and we spend a lot of time in worry. The meaning of this card is that we sometimes must realize there are things we might not ever understand. This card in this position is one I had to sit with a minute, but I then realized that in some ways it is the worry that if we are ourselves, or if we draw away from someone, we are worried that that will make them hate us. But that’s the risk we take in being true to ourselves isn’t it? Realize that you being you is a gift to the community! Don’t use that fear as a reason to be limited.


The final card is the Message From Our Spirit Allies, which is the Root of Cups. Be passionate in a grounded way, which seems contradictory doesn’t it? But it’s not. Passion allows us to follow our dreams while being grounded helps us do that without falling for delusions. A dream is something to work towards, where a daydream is something that would be nice, but you are never going to put any effort into. A grounded dreaming means balance, not being too hard on yourself, finding your passion, not overwhelming yourself, but also not sitting idly.


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