Hello friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of April 17th, 2022. I felt like something new, so let my intuition guide me in this spread. Let me know what you think.


The first two cards are laid sideways, so there is no negative or reversal, nor is there a positive or upright. There just is the flow of energy.


The first card is The River, which is essentially the flow of the week. For that we have the 9 of Stones. Interesting because this was the “what we aspire to” in last week’s reading, so it seems to have come to the present. Dedication is worth the effort because though it personal power grows. It is a current of being unstoppable and being rewarded for hard work.


The second card is The Undercurrent. Not as prominent as the energy of the week, still it might be felt more depending on the depths you seek. It is an influencer. For this we have the Root of Thunder. So as an undercurrent of that hard work vibe, is a story of making sure you don’t do too much. It’s a balance thing. Probably really appropriate here because if you work too hard, like you wade too far into the river, you might be swept off your feet. Don’t ignore the truth of needing good footing.


The next three cards are the gathering on the shore. Perhaps they gaze at the water, perhaps they come to fish for wisdom or nutrition, but these three beings stand before the river.


The leftmost is the Mind and the Past. The flow of time is almost past this being, leaving memories and patterns of thought. It reflects both your mental state, what we might need to let go of, and what we dwell on. For this card we have The Emperor. Another card of balance and boundaries. Also maybe a card of having issues with authority. This reminds me of fighting the wrong fight, because you are fighting an old battle that only exists in your memory. Not all structure is bad.


The middle card is the Body and the Present. This being is living here and now, concerned with the needs of the body, as well as living in the moment. Enjoyment of food, breathing deep, getting rest. For this card we have the 5 of Cups reversed. You are trying to withhold healing and forgiveness. And when I say forgiveness I mean the face that reflects back at you from the water not anyone else. Being present in the moment can help so much, and this also makes sense combined with the left card. Trying to hold it in is fighting the current this week, a current that is saying “do the work”.


The rightmost card is the Spirit and the Future. First to encounter the flow of time, first to envision what is to come. Connected to the realm of possibility. For this card we have the 7 of Wands reversed. Are you afraid of your own power? Afraid to fight for what you believe in? It’s OK to be angry over wrongs, it’s OK to say no, even to people you care about. 


This week might be a bit tricky, as we have to find both healing and forgiveness, let go of things that we dwell on that undermine us, but also have a willingness to fight. Don’t turn away from your power, even if it is expressed as anger. Understand where it comes from, do the work to forgive and heal, then let our old restrictive thoughts change. You are the authority you are fighting the hardest. 


I would also like to add weekly prompts to this report, so this week is the 16th week of 2022, and brings with it the prompt of:


That activity that eats up so much time, what do you get out of it? How do you feel when you finish it?


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Have a blessed week!

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