Hello my friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of April 24th, 2022.


You know sometimes the universe is a really funny place. I was going to start off this week by asking you for a few things. I was going to ask that if you like what I do, to share my page or my posts. And I was going to ask you for some feedback. What could I or my Patreon be doing to help people more? What services could I offer that could help even more people? The reason this is amusing? Well, you will see…


The first card is The Overall Energy Of The Week and for that we have The Ace of Air. The Ace is all about that communication; speaking and listening. The vibrations in the air carry our words and our intent. Beware of chatter, and listen for the real words of truth and honesty being spoken. 


Next we have What’s Going To Challenge Us This Week which is the Messenger of Earth. The Messenger is pushing that point, that it is about honesty. Speaking, and especially hearing, the truth might be a challenge this week. Truth can bring with it things that are not easy to face. 


Next, What Should We Aspire To, which is the Two of Earth. Momma bear is taking care of that cub, just as you should aspire to help others. Nourish them and watch them grow. Protect them when they feel vulnerable.


What We Should Do For Our Community is the 5 of Fire (reversed). Choices, decisions. Do we use fire to illuminate, or to burn? Do wounds make you angry, selfish or abusive? 


The final card is the Message From Our Spirit Allies, which is the Star (reversed). When the Star comes up, even reversed, I usually think of it as a good thing, because it is telling us to seek out that grand vision. How are we as individuals connected to a greater destiny. But this week, combined with the other cards, it feels a bit different.


Combined together as a grand unified message for the week ahead, the cards seem to be saying…


“It’s not all about you!”


This week is going to be about listening to others’ truths. Even the word truth can be challenging, because what is true to one might not be true to another. So the word I am going to have you use instead is authenticity. When words are spoken and the people speaking them are showing you their authentic self, pay attention! Maybe this is the Universe and Mother Earth telling us we spend too much time in our own heads. And that the best way to handle challenges in our own lives is to help others with theirs.


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