Hello my friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of February 6th, 2022.


We are going to use the three card plus one reading again this week, this time with the Starman Tarot. 


The first card is the Body card, and for that we get the 7 of Wands. Learn to protect your vision and stand your ground. This card is about strength of will, which in the physical body position says to me that this week has the potential to be kinda uncomfortable. I could also see this as having some reflection in anxiety. You might find yourself needing to push yourself to get through pain, or a flair up or some other factor. Especially relevant if there is something you really need to do despite the discomfort. You can do this. 


Next we have the Mind card, the 5 of Swords. Fight your inner demons! And beware of winning at all costs. This could also be reflecting the anxiety I alluded to above. So how do we reconcile these things in this position? You are going to have to make sure you are acting with integrity. You are going to need to fight the inner demons that want to make you just give up BUT you have to have the integrity not to win at all costs. In other words, you must overcome the obstacles as needed, but NOT view them as an enemy that needs to be destroyed, because that might end up hurting you long term in the process.


The third card is the Spirit card, the Starman. THE David Bowie card. Transformation, and enlightenment. So while your body and mind are hissing and spitting like wet cats, your Spirit is telling you that you have the courage to break things down, maybe even let go of things you cherish to allow them to become something new. Spirit is telling you that you have the ability to co-create with the Universe something brand new, be that art or even just how you or your household operates. It’s a good week for mindful spiritual tasks, especially ones you maybe have been putting off…


The Andean Healing Energy Card for the week is Mikhuy, which is a sacred process of “eating” heavy energy and releasing it. So, what have you been eating that is not good for you? Too much candy? Greasy foods? Pride? Emotions? Blow the energy, the craving, the heaviness down into Pachamama, Mother Earth, and allow her to help transform it.


So some challenges this week, but also so many opportunities. Spirit is optimistic, and Pachamama is willing to help you compost that stuff you have been choking on. Discomfort and fear are not your enemies, they are just obstacles.


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