Hello my friends, this is the week’s reading for my followers and Patreon supporters for the week of July 4th, 2021.

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I’m using the *Witches Wisdom tarot this week and a new spread that I like. Let’s see what you think.

The first card is the Energy of the Week Ahead, which is 4 of Fire reversed. The 4 is about the hearth and home, family and security. Reversed I don’t tend to think this means anything bad will happen in those areas, it feels more like a reminder that we are going to have to leave our dens this week. The energy of the week might demand some time out of the home, something we are all at some level trying to get used to again.

Next is What We Should Focus On, which is Healing. A reminder that we are not invincible, nor are we designed to be. But with rest and time we can heal. So what wounds are hurting you? Are they physical, mental, or emotional? 

What Challenges Will This Week Have brings us the 5 of Fire reversed. Lot’s of reversed fire energy in this spread, interesting. The 5 of Fire is about choices. Like fire can sometimes be helpful or destructive, so too are our choices. Also a card that speaks of healing because it asks if your pain makes you reach out for others, or if it makes you withdraw to be bitter and angry.

What Is Working In Our Favor is the 10 of Earth. There is a vast network in the soil, trees and fungi communicate with each other, connections like the neurons of our minds. You cannot see a mushroom, without seeing the entire forest around it. The 10 of Earth is about interconnectedness.

OK, so there is some healing to be done this week, that much is clear. But we are not going to find it at home. Solitude or hiding our wounds away like our kits just isn’t going to work well. We need to get out, at least communicate, outwards. Healing is to be found in our network of loved ones. If there are decisions you need to make, talk to others who are in your network, get feedback and opinions so you can make the best choices. Keeping to yourself this week is like trying to hold onto a hot coal. 

Magical Work

Many times with communication and networking in the cards I might be tempted to say things like it’s a good time to sit in front of your altar and commune with Spirit. But I’m really feeling the pull that this is much more human based. So while it might not seem magical, we have to express that 10 of Earth and communicate with others. This week touch base with some people you might not have in a while. If you have a network of other people in your profession or a similar Spiritual path, make sure to say hello. If you have a favorite author perhaps it’s time to send them a note of appreciation. But most importantly, if you have identified something you need to heal, healing energy, advice, and even new ideas for how to do that healing can be found in your networks of associates. Given how withdrawn many of us are feeling from the pandemic, the act of reaching out might be the healing act in and of itself.

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