Hello my friends, this is the week’s reading for my followers and Patreon supporters for the week of June 13th, 2021.

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This week I am using the Four Directions spread with the Starman tarot.

The South is associated with Hatun Amaru, the great serpent, she who helps us with healing and transformation, and also with the physical world. For the South card I have drawn The Lovers. It is easy to associate Hatun Amaru with Kundalini energy, as the South often represents the physical selves as well as that sort of primal fire of creation energy. It could be that you are feeling that sensuality this week, but I am going to throw in some additional thoughts. Part of the Lovers as a card is seeking connection to others and another part, one that feels very relevant here, is the acceptance of ourselves. Find the beauty in your own body.

The West is associated with Otorongo, the jaguar, she who helps us with the past, and with setting healthy boundaries. For the West card I have drawn the Queen of Pentacles. The Queen is about nurturing and sharing the wealth. Given it’s position here with the connection to boundaries, and running off of that energy of the Lovers, I think it reinforces that need for connection. What else is love but the opening of the guarded places in our hearts? The Queen is aware of interconnected systems, and so is generous.

The North is associated with Siwar Kinti, the hummingbird, she who is the messenger between the worlds, and also the artist who is attracted to bright colors and wonderful flowers, and with Huanacauri the Dragon, she who helps us be steadfast and do things step by step, the right way. For this card I have drawn The Devil. Now we are getting really juicy! Here we are in the North thinking about doing things the right way, and of lovely flowers in the garden and who should show up but temptation. Super fascinating the way this is mirroring the South card. There in the South we have the Serpent and the Lovers, in the North we find the being that became the Serpent to cause division between Adam and Eve. In this position I imagine the key is knowing what tempts us. Why are we longing for connection, or even lust? What is it serving in us? What wisdom might we be hiding from ourselves?

The East is associated with Kuntor, the condor, she who helps us to have long range vision, to see the future, seeing things from a loving but detached perspective. For the East card I have drawn the Four of Swords. Darn no flaming swords, so there goes my Biblical metaphors, but it is at least a card of swords. The Four is about sitting in stillness, and allowing yourself rest before acting. Your plans will come together, but they cannot be rushed. Very appropriate for a card of Kuntor, but what is the overall story? 

The way it’s looking to me is that this week will have some fire and passion to it, very much about seeking what you desire. You are going to have to confront some of your own limitations, and accept yourself for the amazing person you are. There are going to be some temptations that make you want to take some shortcuts, and forget the rules as you grab a big ole bite of that apple. But, how can I put this mildly, the universe is going to be doing some other word for rooster blocking. Now you can get angry at the delays, or you can use them to form a better harmony, getting more in tune with you and what you’re really wanting because it’s not just some short term goal you are after, but something that will last. As the week progresses you’re going to see that work start to pan out. 

Magical Work

Ready for a challenge this week? Over the course of the week I want you to contact three friends or people you are close to. Ask those three friends to tell you at least a single thing they love about you. Don’t excuse or deflect what they tell you, take it in. In the spirit of reciprocity it would be kind to tell them something in return.

Now, when you have at least three things, go to the mirror, meet your own gaze if possible staring at your left eye, and repeat what you were told to yourself. No not “Sally said she loves my laugh” but just “I love my laugh” Reflect what they love about you deep into yourself and accept it fully. “Nicholas loves my compassion” becomes “I love my compassion”.

Reflect on how both giving and receiving these loving thoughts affects you. 

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