Hello my friends! This is the week ahead reading for the week of June 19th, 2022. And since this deck quite literally fell off a shelf in the night and hit me in the head, looks like we are going to be using the Starman tarot. I decided on a 5 card general spread, and amazingly there was not even a single reversed card!


The overall energy of the week is the Two of Cups. So there’s going to be a lot of love and harmony and cooperation possible this week. Which is good I think we could all use a little of that couldn’t we? Also about balance it’s the classic balance between energies and finding that right harmony. The Starman tarot uses the phrase “I merge with the beloved”. Sounds quite nice.


Over in the area of health we have the Prince of Swords. The prince tells us to both stand our ground and fight for our ideals, however We must sometimes be willing to surrender things. So in the context of health there could be something that you know is unhealthy for you that you’re needing to give up for this week to better your overall health. Or perhaps you have been really trying to grind your way through a health routine, in which case this card might indicate that it’s okay to take a half a step back; you can still achieve your goal without destroying your joints in the process. So in the area of health there are things to be won, just keep in mind the cost.


The area of relationships brings us the Princess of Cups. Gentle, sensitive, intuitive and artistic. If we want to take the biggest advantage of that Two of Cups energy, we have to approach our relationships this week as things of beauty to begin with. To be created intuitively along the way. Your relationships are completely unique and they need to be treated as the special things they are.


For spiritual we have the Five of Swords, which is a card a lot of people dread because it shows conflict. I think here in this position it’s pretty simple; Make sure you’re acting out of integrity and fighting your inner demons. Perhaps even those demons that have been holding you back from other things to do with relationships. Beware of letting past conflicts pile up within you, because they may make you fearful of future conflicts, or may color your reaction to situations that aren’t actually conflicts at all.


The last card is for work and finance and for that we have the World. Not much better of a card could be had in this spot. There are opportunities all around you and abundance is coming to you. It might not be abundance in the form that you are anticipating, however the world is trying to give you exactly what you need.