Hello my friends, this is the week’s reading for my followers and Patreon supporters for the week of June 20th, 2021.

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With the summer solstice in just a few hours (11:32 pm to be exact) I was feeling the energy of Freyr, and inspired by his magical boat, have done the rowboat reading using the Witches Wisdom tarot. 

Where we sit is the 4 of Fire, which is about comfort, family, and being safe at home. Chances are we are feeling pretty content right now. Perfect? No, but not too bad either. 

What we are leaving behind is the cards being silly, because for that we have the Sun. The solstice we will be leaving behind. The Sun is a card not only of brightness, but a card of challenging our darkness. If there have been shadows you have been fighting, this week you are going to put that struggle behind you. 

We are being steered by our two oars, and what a powerful combination! The Great Mother on the left oar (a bit of the subconscious) and the Ancestors at the right oar. Taken in combination I think we are looking at not even just human Ancestors, but ones of the lands, plants and animals of the places where we live (tying back to that 4 of Fire). We have the resources we need to move ahead, and we also have the wisdom of those who came before us.

Where we are going is the Witch of Water, which makes a lot of sense as we transition into Cancer in the zodiac. Water, emotions, and tides of both. How to embody and carry your emotions.

And lastly the lighthouse, what we need to know about, which is the 3 of Air, which is about having perspective. 

The word that really sticks out to me this week is one associated with the Witch of Water, and that word is Permission. Where you are sitting right now is great, and it’s a good spot to start some needed emotional work. You are guided and you have the resources you need. So the Witch of Water is giving you permission to embody those emotions. Take a closer look at that 3 of Air. Notice the hurons are leaving behind some dark and turbulent water? The lighthouse is reminding us that if the waters get too dark and turbulent to get a better perspective. Don’t get stuck in those waters. Because with the Sun in the position of what we are leaving behind, the time to really dig into the shadows is passing too. We don’t need to keep shining a light into every single dark corner we have, what we need to do is learn to embody or carry the emotion we have. 


Magical Work

Keeping it simple this week. Every morning drink a glass of nice cool water. Remember the things you are grateful for, and that you have the ability, indeed even the permission, to manifest your emotions in a good way.

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