Hello my friends, this is the week’s reading for my followers and Patreon supporters for the week of March 20, 2022.


A new 4 card spread that was sent to me by a friend this week. I wish it could be a little bit more positive but we’re starting off with a pretty anxious card. We are using Rachel True’s True Heart Intuitive Tarot.


The overall energy for the week is the Nine of Swords reversed, so put simply the energy this week will be one of fear, anxiety, maybe even old trauma resurfacing, and mental or communication shutdows. OK, so the bright side is this; it might not be you. Having some forewarning that this is the energy that is out there in the world this week, you can know that these feelings are not necessarily valid, and more importantly that they might not be happening to you at all, but to the others around you. Your significant other might be shutting down, your boss might be dealing with anxiety. Knowing this ahead of time will make you more capable of dealing with whatever lies ahead. 


What to avoid is the Magician reversed. Avoid feeling powerless, avoid delusion, and make sure you are not being dishonest. Given the Nine above, make sure you are avoiding others who may be acting that way. But I think the most obvious thing I am getting out of the Magician reversed here is that while you might be a magical being, a powerful worker, a spiritual practitioner….you cannot fix it all. Avoid thinking that you need to.


What to focus on is the King of Cups. Focus on calm, supportive love for both you and those around you. Be the compassionate leader. It’s not about fixing anything, it’s about listening to others and yourself and creating a nourishing space. 


And lastly what to draw strength from is the Ten of Wands reversed, which is….scattered energy? How does that make sense? Simple, the Ten reminds us that we cannot just ignore things and carry on, and that trying to do so leaves us more and more scattered. The dark night of the soul leaves us feeling weak and unfocused, even directionless. Draw strength from knowing that these periods don’t last, and when we finally compassionately confront some of these issues, we will emerge stronger and more focused on the other side. This week that might mean dealing with others fear and anxiety, or our own, or how you affect relationships, or vice versa. But in the end there is opportunity to heal and strengthen.


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