Hello friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of March 27th, 2022.


Sorry for the slight delay this week, I am feeling better today, thank you all for your understanding. Let’s try the Pentacle Spread with the fantastic Starman tarot.


The first card is The Overall Energy Of The Week and for that we have 7 of Swords. Two weeks in a row we are starting with some intense challenge energy. This week might force us to stand our ground and defend our vision. You might have to dig in and have some resolve. Remember WHY you are doing things, and the how will work itself out. 


Next we have What’s Going To Challenge Us This Week which is the 8 of Pentacles. This is an interesting challenge, especially as it plays off the 7 of Swords. The 8 of Pentacles is telling us to use and refine our skills and take satisfaction in our work. I think in this case it is the capital W version of Work, meaning Spiritual work. As hard as it might be to see sometimes, you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this point, facing the challenges you need to face. Not to say that this is according to some universal plan, more that the Universe trusts you with your abilities.


Next, What Should We Aspire To, which is the Princess of Wands (reversed). Be careful not to fall into busy work. While life might be overwhelming, you are a big picture person. So while yes, break your vision into smaller parts, be careful you are not adding extra unneeded steps.


What We Should Do For Our Community is the 5 of Cups (reversed). A powerful but simple one here. Have empathy. Use grief for good, to help you draw closer to friends and family, and to help everyone move forward. 


The final card is the Message From Our Spirit Allies, which is the Queen of Wands. Friends, you have to trust yourself because you are amazing. Creative, empathetic, able to break boundaries. As I said about the Universe your Spirit Allies have so much confidence in you. Are you willing to be confident in you to even in the face of challenges to your vision for your life? Time to find out!


Remember, I release this reading to the public on Wednesdays, so if you want to get the reading on Sunday so you have it for the entire week, sign up for my Patreon at just the $5 a month level. And if you are already a Patreon supporter, thank you so much! Have a blessed week!

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