Hello friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of March 6th, 2022.


Making its debut this week is my Rider deck which was calling to me this week, and a Body-Mind-Spirit plus Fulcrum spread. Let’s go!


The Body card is the Ten of Wands, which is telling us that we need to be careful of too much stress. You might be fighting off something, or you might just be going too many hours in the day, but whatever the tasks or burdens you need to get done, stress is going to cause a breakdown if you are not careful. I suppose the choice is take a break and put things down or have a breakdown. I know which one’s the wiser choice.


The Mind card is The Wheel of Fortune. You are going to have some moments of good luck IF you keep your mind open. When new information or a bit of inspiration is plopped in your lap, don’t be closed minded about it. All the good luck in the world can’t help us if we deny it. Also remember that things have cycles, so pay attention to your own mental cycles, and know things seldom are forever.


The Spirit card is The Moon. So once again we are talking about cycles and phases, what is full and fulfilling for you as opposed to the dark hidden part of the cycle. Spirit is trying to tell you something so be aware of dreams, daydreams, and intuitions. Spirit is with you right now.


The last card I’m thinking of as the fulcrum, the things that we are balancing on, which might be useful or might be a challenge. The Fulcrum this week is the Knight of Pentacles reversed. The Knight reversed wants all the glory, without the work. And I think work here is likely far different than the physical work of the Ten above. Do your emotional and spiritual work, don’t be lazy about it, yet also beware not to be too conservative or close minded about it. If you want things to move, you are going to have to get up off the metaphorical couch and get them done. At least you have good luck and the Spirits on your side!


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