Hello my friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of May 15th, 2022.


Remember there is a full moon and eclipse tonight!


This is the second week with the new 5 card spread. Maybe next week I will use a pentacle formation for them as well, what do you think? Using the Gentle Tarot.


The Overall Energy Of The Week is the 3 of Stones (reversed). The 3 in its upright position is one with a ton of prosperity and hard work paying off. Harmony. The Gentle Tarot does not usually use reversals but I think for a week ahead reading they are useful. So this doesn’t mean to me that there is no prosperity the coming week, or that you will suffer a loss, more that the work is not quite over. Last week was a pretty good overall energy, but that flow is slowing a bit this week, so you might have to make your own magic.


Next we have a card for Health which is the 5 of Wands. Here is another card suggesting disharmony, a conflict of energies. Luckily this is not a huge issue, but definitely a lot of small annoying ones. You are going to have to take care of yourself this week. Be careful of what you eat!


Next, Relationships and Communication, which is the 8 of Wands. If communication is needed then you need to provide it. There are key pieces of information to be had, and understandings to be gained, but you are going to be the one that initiates. Like the 3 of Stones above indicates, there are still opportunities if you can make them happen.


Next, Spiritual is the Seed of Thunder (reversed). Take the leap of faith? Yeah maybe not so much this week. I mean it’s spirit work right? What very practical things might help you on your path? There are a lot of ideas in the air, but they might not all be good ones. 


Last is Work/Finance which is the Chariot. A card of action and initiative. If you need change in these areas you are going to have to go out and look for it. In this modern age that might not mean actually driving someplace, but it might mean getting the metaphorical wheels in motion for things you want down the road. In a very practical sense, if your job depends on your car and you need some routine maintenance, now is a good time.


This week might have you putting in more effort than last week, depending on circumstance, but it will be worth it. No huge breakthroughs right now, but you are setting up things to come to fruition later.


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