Hello my friends, this is your week ahead reading for the week of May 22, 2022.


I happened to see that today is National Maritime Day, so we are using the rowboat spread with the Gentle Tarot.


Where We Sit is the  Lovers. This card comes up every time I use this deck I think! Communication, getting along and finding harmony. This week it’s going to be about trying to find a harmonious balance.


What We Are Leaving Behind is the Ace of Thunder. There was a recent insight or revelation, or a new piece of information that you had to integrate. We are leaving behind the newness of that information, which is how we get to the Lovers and integration. This could be outside information, but likely it was something to do with you and an insight into yourself.


Where We Are Going is the Two of Stones. You have the ability to overcome, and to gain the needed flexibility to adapt to a situation. The first three cards are showing an interesting story aren’t they, something new, the coming to terms with it, and the new strength and flexibility it provides. If things are too much, slow down and breathe. You can overcome any challenge.


The Left Oar (the subconscious) is the Flower of Wands. Outwardly confident and inwardly focused, the flower reminds us of our confident connection to the divine. So while any number of things might be in your conscious thoughts, your creative, think outside the box subconscious is directly wired to the universe. So if in the work this week you suddenly feel like wearing red, then wear red! If you suddenly want to play music, or doodle an image of you as a superhero, do it. Your deeper self knows what you need. 


The Right Oar (the thinking mind) is the 9 of Cups. You are close to a goal! The nine is also a card of imagination. So as we bridge the left oar with the right, with the Lovers as the center card, how can you imagine a goal, visualize success and integrate the two sides of yourself? Balance the imagination with the thinking and doing.


The Rocks (what we need to beware of), is the Empress. An interesting card as a challenge, because the Empress is also about that rooted connection, the subconscious, and abundance. So we could be looking at the difficulty of that integration I spoke of, or perhaps we are struggling with having the resources we need to fulfill our vision. But what I’m really feeling here is the struggle to feel that we are worthy of that balance and unbundance. If we spend a lot of time telling ourselves we are lacking, or not focused, or unable to commit to a task, this is often the hardest thing to overcome. We need to allow that we might actually have all the commitment, focus and resources we need, and imagine ourselves in a more positive light.


The Lighthouse (to guide us) is Justice. So many cards about balance this week. No matter what happens this week, internally or externally, try to be fair. Fair to you, fair to others. If you look at the ideal of Justice, even those who have done harm get their day in court, which we can translate to proper boundaries. Try to remember to be open to new evidence, and adjust. Try to set aside your biases.


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Have a blessed week