I’m sorry friends for being a day late on this post, and also for no audio. It has been a taxing weekend for me, and it was hard to bring things into focus. Given this I have tried to keep the reading simple this week with a three card layout.

The energy of the week is the Six of Stones which continues the exploration of both giving and receiving in balance. What does having or not having mean to you? Are you giving too much? Do you need to ask for help?

What is working against us is an interesting one; the Star. Normally the Star is a fantastic card, showing us to have long term vision, to believe in ourselves, and to follow our dreams. So how can that be working against us? Basically given the energy of the week, I would take this as a caution not to have your head in the clouds. Vision is great unless it’s just daydreaming. How are you going to make sure that while you are watching the stars you don’t trip over your own feet?

What is working in our favor this week is the 10 of Fire, a lovely and needed card which reminds you that you don’t have to feel guilty about saying no. Nothing is worth sacrificing your health and stability. What did I say about not tripping over your own feet? So if the Fire is telling you to remember that it’s not just about the light of the guiding star, but of the light within you as well, I hope you will listen.

Have a blessed week.